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HollywoodFact.com makes you happy and smile by covering the most popular movies, TV shows, events and celebrities in the world of Hollywood. On this site, you can find the latest news about Hollywood celebrities, movies and events. We publish hot, crispy, newsy and creative content regarding Hollywood Movies, Events and Entertainment. Established in the late 1990’s by Times Mirror, the site aims to promote Hollywood Movies, TV Shows,  Entertainment Events and famous celebrities through its amazing features, original content all over the world.

We promote various Hollywood movies, videos, trailers, interviews, snapshots, images, pictures, studios, networks, cable networks, films and TV shows so as to capture the imagination huge Hollywood audience in the world. We have a professional web marketing team in our company to help promote Hollywood movies, Entertainment Talk Shows on TV and a new talent, including famous Hollywood celebrities.  We have more than 500,000 photographs and images, representing the worth of the company. We have also a good association with other photo agencies like WENN, Everett, Splash and Getty Images. The ultimate agenda of our photo studio agency is to promote HollywoodFact.com through launching new projects, including plenteous videos, celebrity interviews, TV shows and entertainment events. In addition, we also cover the Red Carpet Events at different movie inaugural ceremonies an  award shows like Golden Globes.

HollywoodFact.com is one of the most leading group of digital media outlets, as it is warmly welcomed by all other major photo studios and agencies on press junkets to display movies, videos and events. We take unique pictures to promote Hollywood movies, events, TV shows and entertainment shows. We publish original content daily to promote this beautiful site. The images that we promote on HollywoodFact.com are 100% original, unique and matchless.